Welcome to the PRT-Group

Pavement Rejuvenation Technologies Group (PRT-Group), established in the early nineties, is a worldwide network of qualified contractors who handle a unique pavement maintenance product.

As the founding member, Rodger Rowles used the PRT-Group to introduce a better technology, Asphalt Rejuvenator Treatment, to the market as a new and innovative approach to asphalt maintenance.  He has treated over 18 million square yards of pavement with Asphalt Rejuvenator and it has surpassed all expectations.

With 36 years experience, Rodger Rowles has emerged as a leader in the industry. Up until the introduction of Asphalt Rejuvenator, the only product available for pavement maintenance was water-based sealer.  With its peeling and cracking problems, it can actually damage the pavement over time.  Of course no one wanted to try something new.  Most people cling to the “we have always done it that way” approach.  However, once his customers tried Asphalt Rejuvenator, they did not want to go back to the old traditional seal coats.

Rodger Rowles has consistently informed property owners and managers of new products for all aspects of asphalt maintenance so they can make an educated decision to establish a regular maintenance program.  Learn more about his flagship product here; Asphalt Rejuvenator

Planning for regular maintenance transforms an expense into an asset.  This investment in the property saves millions of dollars by significantly extending the life of the existing pavement.   Maintenance of existing asphalt is an environmentally friendly alternative to new paving which has a negative effect on the environment by releasing pollutants caused by the making, transporting and installation of new material. Learn more about the environmental impact of asphalt maintenance here; Environmental Impact

 Asphalt is the number one recycled product in the U.S. (90% for highway use and only 10% for commercial use).  However, asphalt is a fossil fuel derived from oil which is a finite resource that may not last forever.  In addition, plans for massive infrastructure projects, may lead to limited supply and higher prices for asphalt material, especially for the private sector—condominiums, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. We can maintain and significantly extend the life of existing asphalt by using “black products” to “go green”.

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